Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A week in the Life Enhancement Program

We spent our first official week at Canyon Ranch as guests in the Life Enhancement Program (LEP). Although I had heard a lot about the LEP over the years, I didn’t know much more about it than that it took place up near the T-pool in that big building called the Life Enhancement Center (the LEC – confusing, I know). We arrived for the LEP orientation on a warm Sunday afternoon, fresh from a long drive from LA. There was crudités and lemonade waiting for us, as well as nifty little name tags on a string that, as we soon found out, we were to wear around our necks the remainder of the week.

Ken and I sat down to have some healthy snacks, and I looked around at our fellow LEP participants. It kind of reminded me of the first day of summer camp – new faces, hesitant smiles, even a few expressions of confusion and doubt. I’m pretty sure there were a lot people thinking, "What did I get myself into?"

After a welcome greeting and a few ice breakers (this is what ice breakers are for, right?), we had dinner in the special LEC dining room and retired to our casita, anxious to get started bright and early the next morning.

Our week in LEP was packed with activities, including lectures on nutrition and heart health, stride and strength classes in the LEC gym, and of course, services of our choice (I think my favorite was Watsu – you have to try it). Pretty much everyone participated in all of the sessions together, so you really got to know everyone in the program. It truly was like summer camp for adults!

Despite all the activities we shared and health facts we learned, the most amazing result was how we had changed after just 6 days at the LEC. I thought back to the faces I saw on Sunday afternoon and didn’t recognize any of them by Friday evening. We were transformed. We were rejuvenated and at ease. And I felt like we were a family.

I know that every guest in LEC took home something special and personal. I definitely did. Unfortunately I was not able to say goodbye to everyone at the closing ceremony on Saturday evening due to a family emergency, but I hope each of them knows what a wonderful experience they helped provide to all of us.

To Your Good Health!

Nicole Zuckerman

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