Monday, November 3, 2008

Passing of the Family Torch

I’ve been told countless times that my mom used to carry me around in a wicker baby basket when Canyon Ranch first opened in late 1979. Of course, I don’t remember this, but over the years I have run into many longtime guests and employees who all seem to recall me in that basket.

Many people are shocked when they realize that enough time has passed for me to graduate from college with a business degree in Economics, complete law school, spend a few long years practicing law in Los Angeles, and get married (to Kenny, who, unbeknownst to me, worked in the Men’s Locker Room ten years ago when I was working in the Human Resources department).

Having spent the first 18 years of my life in Tucson I thought I might never move back. L.A.’s vibrant city lifestyle was simply more enticing for a newlywed couple still in their 20s.

But this past April, the phone rang in my 20th floor office, and it was Kenny on the other end. He was in Tucson and had just had lunch with my grandparents. Something had hit him: If we wanted to join the Canyon Ranch family, we should do it sooner rather than later. At first I was stunned – Kenny and I had discussed the possibility of returning to Tucson to work with the Ranch, but only after spending at least a few more years in L.A. Yet after just a few minutes discussing the possibilities with Kenny, I joined in his excitement. Within three months, we had sold our condo in L.A., quit our jobs, packed up our cat, Periwinkle, and headed back to Tucson.

So here we are. It’s nostalgic and a little strange driving past my old high school and the Einstein’s Bagels hangout. But it’s great to be home, closer to both our families. In addition to Tucson, we will be spending time at the properties in Lenox, Las Vegas and Canyon Ranch Miami Beach.

Next time you’re at the Ranch, track us down, say hello. I’d like to think I’ve come along way since that baby basket ...

To Your Good Health!

Nicole Zuckerman

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