Monday, April 13, 2009

Walking the Walk

A few weeks have passed since my last blog entry, and I’m proud to say that I have been exercising and sticking with it! I joined a cool website called (recommended to me by our VP of Human Resources Sandra Foyil). It lets you pick a goal – any goal – and helps you stick with it. I named Kenny as my “Referee” and my best friend Deepa as a “Supporter.” While I know it’s really my commitment to my health that gets me in the gym after work, the website is kind of a fun way to keep me honest and on track. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Since I’ve been spending more time in the Canyon Ranch gym, I’ve noticed some familiar faces. Nancy McDonald, a corporate accountant for the Ranch, must be in that gym 7 days a week because I see her no matter when I’m there! She’s usually on the Precor when I arrive and lifting weights when I leave. It’s incredibly motivating to see someone work so hard! And one of our IT gurus, Mike Gravanda, is a staple in the weight room. It’s a little embarrassing when I’m struggling with my 5-lb lateral shoulder raises – but I keep going!

I know there are so many other Ranch employees who are in the gym at times I’m not – particularly early mornings, when I can’t drag myself out of bed, and lunch time when a tuna melt appeals to me much more than sweat! I commend everyone at the Ranch who is walking the walk and committed to living a healthy lifestyle!

To Your Good Health!

Nicole Zuckerman

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Missy said...

Everyday I come to the Ranch, I leave a better person.
I thank all the Fitness employees for keeping me motivated and giving me that extra smile when I come to class. It means a lot. I must also add, if you really want to get in shape 4:00 indoor cycling ROCKS!!!
Thanks Ranchers! Missy Avery